Welcome to the EDPEEP Supportive Giving Community!

Similar to patreon, Esperanza is embarking on a new journey to bring quality, authentic & heartfelt material to you. Join the EDPeeps for a monthly collection of work curated by Esperanza's dedicated dancers.

Each month, a new collection will be released that covers a unique topic that inspires Esperanza members to be active members of this community. 
Upcoming topics include 

  • How we are staying CREATIVE 


  • Taking care of BODY

  • And so much more!

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Becoming a sustaining donor of Esperanza Dance Project has never been easier. Please follow the following link to create a reccuring Paypal donation. 

We are asking for a recurring monthly donation, and encourage you to choose the level of giving you are comfortable with. Please consider these recommendations.

Or if you would like to give this subscription as a gift,  please click here to make a one time annual payment.

This is an opportunity to delve in a little deeper to the work that is fundamental to Esperanza and fulfilling our mission. We hope that this DIY "Patreon" will be a space for conversation, community, and mutual learning. We are invested in fostering change in our community and holding difficult conversations surrounding sexual violence and sexual abuse, and hope that this new project will provide an outlet to safely and remotely interact with each other.

Each month of material will include:

  • a variety of photographs, short videos, and galleries of inspiring projects and inspiration along the theme for the month

  • a poem of the month, written by different dancers

  • a curated list of virtual content collected that aligns with each theme and social justice issues 

  • a discussion platform to converse about each month's theme and topic

  • access to all past monthly themes and downloadable PDF versions of all

  •  a monthly live virtual event- Q and A discussions with the dancers, viewing parties, movement zoom classes

Thank you for supporting  Esperanza Dance Project!

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