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A Message from Esperanza Dance Project

Hi friends,

We are reaching out to you first and foremost, to offer support. 

The world is hurting now, and we have all been reminded what is important, and that complacency when it comes to injustice is not an option. The brutal killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and so many more are a reminders that racist violence has been killing black people in our country since its founding. But the growing crescendo of voices demanding justice and proclaiming that black lives matter gives us hope.

Esperanza Dance Project, committed to eradicating stigma, secrecy and shame associated with surviving childhood sexual violence, is a non-profit organization spreading awareness and a message of hope. Sexual assault and sexual violence does not discriminate. Discrimination, of any kind, cannot be tolerated. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. We want to show our support and show up in active ways. 

Esperanza Dance Project has always worked to create safe spaces as we consider this integral to spreading our message. Sexual violence affects all communities. Inclusivity has been a priority to fulfilling our mission. As the movement for justice and accountability towards respecting and preserving black lives gains momentum, we want to be working to support and educate ourselves and our community authentically. We need to hold space for the voices that have been ignored.  

We stand as allies to our black, BIPOC & LGBTIQ+ POC community. We believe Black Lives Matter and we are ready to work on fighting inhumanity, inequality and injustice. We are collecting a list of resources and information for exploring anti-racism work. Please read and do what you can in your own world to make progress. We appreciate any information you would like to share on this as well; please reach out to us.  It is time for all of us to fight for what is right, and not be silent. STAY INFORMED. There are many resources circulating online that can be accessed easily. Here is a list of just a few.  In Solidarity, Esperanza Dance Project

Resources, Petitions and Information


Justice for Breonna Taylor:

Action items for Breonna Taylor: 

BLM Petitions:

Black Lives Matter, Tucson Chapter:



Black Funds:

Black Trans Protesters Emergency Funds:

Cashapp: $btfacollective paypal:

The Movement for Black Lives Funds:


National Resource List for George Floyd

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