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Accepting Donations, Giving Gratitude.

We hope you are staying healthy and actively engaged with the global conversation for justice.

Beyond balancing the months of health concerns altering our daily lives, the recent weeks asking us to face uncomfortable truths that harm Black communities, as well as BIPOC & LGBTIQ+ and POC communities. As an organization, we have always worked towards spreading a message of hope while facilitating difficult conversations surrounding sexual violence and sexual abuse.  Unfortunately, sexual violence and sexual abuse do not discriminate. No one is safe from the possibility of sexual violence. Esperanza is no stranger to holding difficult conversations. We are committed to creating and holding safe spaces for all.

As an organization, Esperanza Dance Project has recently undergone a long term planning and leadership summit, to help us focus on the sustainability of the organization and learn how to best support our audience and stakeholders. Furthermore, we have separated from our fiscal sponsor and are now a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This has been a goal  for many years. This recognition will make it possible for us to continue our mission longterm. We are so grateful to announce this huge accomplishment. We are now able to accept donations directly. 

Please consider becoming a financial supporter of Esperanza Dance Project. Your investment and dedication to this organization is vitally important to our collective success. Together, we can spread our message of hope and strength, reaching audiences uniquely, as we navigate this new reality. By supporting Esperanza financially, you help enrich and educate the lives of your community. Supporting youth is a direct way to create lasting change to our collective future. Please consider sending this message along to your colleagues, friends and families, so they can as well. 


Not able to donate financially?

Please help us with our Smiling Messages Project!

Although our live performances dedicated to empowering and educating young adults have been postponed until it is safe to gather again, our work is far from halted. We have been focusing on engaging with elders and those in assisted living facilities.

We have created the Smiling Messages Project as a powerful creative solution. We are currently collecting handmade notes, messages and cards that are distributed to assisted living facilities to give hope and care to those that are still unable to receive visitors. If you would like to participate, create your own messages and send them directly to our P.O. Box. We will redistribute them. If you have an assisted living facility you would like to add to our recipients list, please contact us. 

Please send all cards to  P. O. Box 90064 Tucson, Arizona 85752


As the movement for justice and accountability towards respecting and preserving Black lives gains momentum, we want to be working to support and educate ourselves and our community authentically. We need to hold space for the voices that have been ignored.  

We ask you to support nonprofit organizations that are making critical differences for the betterment of humanity and society today, tomorrow, and in the long-term. Our suggestions are linked below.

Stay well, stay involved, and support however you can.


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