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This exciting project is a way to give back to our loved ones and elders living in Assisted Living Facilities. Given the current COVID19 situation, many assisted living communities are under lockdown and visiting has been seriously limited. Esperanza Dance Project would like to invite you to participate in our Smiling Messages Project to help brighten up the days for assisted living residents.

The Smiling Messages Project works like this: make a card... the more colorful and creative the better!! Maybe include a picture of your pets or your happy place, include a quote or anything that would bring a smile and help someone know that they have not been forgotten. Then all you have to do is mail the card to:

P. O. Box 90064 Tucson, Arizona 85752

and we will disburse the cards to assisted living facilities. Everyone is invited to participate!

How to Make a Smiling Message

To make a card, for Smiling Messages, you will need: scissors, glue and cards. You can also use... stickers! Washi tape! Photos! Quotes! Magazines! Markers! Consider using recycled materials for your card. Use whatever is handy. :)

Every card is different, and every card goes to someone different. It can look like anything! This one is double sided, and uses magazine images, stickers from the dollar store, washi tape, an old la croix box.

Send all Smiling Messages to:
P. O. Box 90064 Tucson, Arizona 85752

If you have an assisted living facility you would like to have included on the mailing list, feel free to send us a message. We would love to include as many as we can. 

Thanks for helping us spread a message of hope in a new way.

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