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 Esperanza Dance Project

We support survivors and educate communities through the transformative power of dance
Support Us - Donate Online
Your donation matters. A financial contribution to Esperanza Dance Project allows us to help others find support and healing from childhood sexual trauma, empower young adults as peer advocates and present multimedia performances to youth and the Arizona community at large.
Esperanza Dance Project operates using the
Employer Identification Number (EIN)  82-2280520.

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Contributions like yours will help pay for the printing of our educational curriculum, support artists, and cover the costs of rehearsal space. Donations of any amount are welcome. For insight on how exactly your donation is put to work, we have listed several options below!

If you prefer, you can write a check to
Esperanza Dance Project
4500 N. Oracle Rd. Suite 110
Tucson, AZ 85705

“Art is a wound  turned to light.”
– Georges Braque

Putting your donation to work

All contributions are greatly appreciated. Here is a segmented look at what your donation means for our programming costs. 


  • $50
    Sponsor the lighting & tech for one high school EDP performance.


  • $100
    Sponsor a dancer for one performance. This covers a dancer stipend for rehearsal and performance time!

  • $150

Sponsor the entire venue rental for one high school performance at Catalyst Creative Collective, our new space where EDP operates from!


  • $250

​​Sponsor all costumes for our annual Emerging Choreographers Showcase. 


  • $500

Sponsor a dancer for half a season. This includes a dancer stipend for rehearsal and performance time. 


  • $1000
    Sponsor the printing of EDP’s educational curriculum, created in collaboration with local artists, educators, school counselors and professionals in the behavioral health field, designed to provide a platform to initiate a discussion about the impact of sexual trauma and provide resources. These are provided free with each performance


  • Donate freely

Other ways to Support 

Make sure to like, comment, and share our content!​

  • Sign up for our newsletter!

  • Have any unused gift cards? Consider donating them!

  • Foster connections. Do you have a friend that might be interested in the organization?

  • Encourage people in your life to learn about EDP and ask them to donate on your behalf.

  • Set up a birthday fundraiser on social media with funds earmarked for Esperanza Dance Project. 

  • Ask family, friends, or others to donate to the silent auction at our Annual Performance Fundraiser. 

  • Do you know a school, conference, event or group that would benefit from learning about sexual violence through our performance? Connect EDP to your contact to set up a performance.

  • Volunteer a few times a year at one of our events. 

  • Join our Board of DirectorsSend us an email for more information.

  • Learn more about the organization's mission and goalsThis is a great place to educate yourself and become a resource for others who want to learn more but don’t know where to start.

  • Continue coming to performances and spread the word!

We believe you.
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