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The Esperanza Dance Project is a community based collaboration that uses a multimedia dance performance to educate about the issue of childhood sexual trauma and deliver a message of hope, strength and empowerment.

2022 Annual Silent Auction and Performance Fundraiser

November 19th, Catalyst Arts & Maker Space by SAACA . Event photography by  Michael Weippert - Tru Royalty Images

CanvasRebel Magazine Interview

Canvas Rebel Interview: Meet Beth Braun 


"We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Beth Braun a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a creative in your experience?

For me the most rewarding aspect of being an artist is the opportunity I have every day to impact the lives of people who experience my art. My experience with art has been that I have the ability to communicate in a deeper way that mere words may not be able. It is incredibly rewarding for me to be able to express myself in a positive way and have the opportunity to inspire others through my art. I have personally seen how challenging and overwhelming life can be. Dance has literally saved my life numerous times and I feel grateful and honored to be able to inspire and share a sense of hope with others who might be experiencing their own challenges through my art. Equally rewarding is having the means to spread passion, beauty and joy through dance."

Arizona Lotus Radio Interview

September 2021 Interview with Artistic Director Beth Braun on Lifestyle Tucson through the Arizona Lotus Corp Radio Station. Thank you for listening!

EDP Interview with Lifestyle TucsonEsperanza Dance Project
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Emerging Choreographer's Showcase

June 4th 2022, Tucson Museum of Art Sculpture Garden. Event photography by  Michael Weippert - Tru Royalty Images

Emerging Choreographer's Photoshoot

June 2022 Emerging Choreographer's Showcase photoshoot by Bons3y3 Photography.